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MDRT Meetings Announcement

As MDRT starts planning for 2022, the intention is to conduct in-person, live events throughout the year. If any in-person event is considered unsafe or restricted by governmental or other authorities, MDRT will modify the format of that meeting. The health and safety of MDRT members has and always will be our top priority. MDRT will continue to communicate with members to keep everyone informed of each meeting as the year progresses.

MDRT Meetings

MDRT offers a variety of meetings for members to come together, learn and share ideas, ultimately leading to personal and professional advancement. The MDRT Annual Meeting, MDRT Global Conference, Top of the Table Annual Meeting and MDRT EDGE have proven to be the foundation of MDRT — bringing together a community of premier financial services professionals to experience innovative content, first-class industry speakers and unparalleled networking. Review the descriptions below to select which meeting best satisfies your business needs.


MDRT Annual Meeting

The MDRT Annual Meeting gathers thousands of members from around the world to create an exclusive event like no other that stimulates growth through learning, networking and sharing innovative ideas. Attendees hear inspiring speakers, learn insights from some of the best minds in the world, and share their best practices and innovations with peers to help attain new levels of success. The MDRT Annual Meeting is where MDRT members learn to be well-rounded individuals, improving their lives both personally and professionally.

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June 26–29, 2022, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

MDRT Global Conference

The MDRT Global Conference extends the opportunity for members from all around the world, especially from the Asia-Pacific region, to come together to hear inspiring industry leaders address local and global trends, and exchange innovative ideas to advance their businesses. This special occasion also allows financial professionals to celebrate their achievements with their peers while becoming reenergized for the next level of success.

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August 28-31, 2022, Sydney, Australia

Top of the Table Annual Meeting

The Top of the Table Annual Meeting is for MDRT’s top-tier members. It is the can’t-miss annual event to discover ways to further perfect already high levels of success. Each Top of the Table member who attends is an expert in their niche, with specialized techniques and insights to offer directly to their peers. Typically held at resort locations, this meeting allows attendees the perfect mix of business enhancement, peer interaction and opportunities for fun. Spouses are welcome on-site.

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October 20-23, 2021, Hybrid Event, Amelia Island, FL

A meeting exclusive to members in the U.S. and Canada

The MDRT EDGE is a growth opportunity for U.S. and Canadian MDRT members. During this interactive meeting, members develop skills to be more efficient in running their practice, as well as gain knowledge and tools to grow their client base and stay ahead of industry change. The program is built specifically with these local members in mind, allowing the meeting to take a deep dive into specific, business-related topics. 

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November 8-10, 2021, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 7-9, 2022, Orlando, Florida